Grey Areas

I expect beauty to happen in my every day life. I expect the sun to rise, the birds to chirp, my favorite bands to sing their songs. I expect pine cones to drop, and rivers to flow.

I expect to see the ugly side of things every day. I expect to see addiction happening on the street corners of my neighborhood, to fall flat on my face attempting to reach something I want with all my heart.

I expect a big lump of grey area between those things too. That’s where life gets tricky. Recognizing beauty, accepting ugliness, and smiling at both as I wander through the grey areas of daily life.

— Lee Stone —



About Lee Stone -leest1-

The world is changing: Stand for Something. Soporte Para Algo. Independent Poet/Artist. Portland, OR ·
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2 Responses to Grey Areas

  1. It’s the best place to be if you want to truly live!

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