Hairstyles and Magazines

Our world is full of men whose sole purpose in life is to attract pretty women. They believe that money, cars, clothes, and bullshit will turn them into Prince Charming.

Our world is also full of women whose biggest want is to be pretty. They use lipstick, hairstyles, fashion, and advice from stupid magazines to create the perfect look. It’s the best way to find the perfect man.

I gave up on commercials and bullshit years ago. It was hard at first, listening to my own thoughts instead of the television, watching candles instead of football games.

I gave up on the pursuit of pretty women too. I seek out deep personal connections with beautiful people these days. The conversations are better. And, my world is prettier.

— leest1 —



About Lee Stone -leest1-

The world is changing: Stand for Something. Soporte Para Algo. Independent Poet/Artist. Portland, OR ·
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