Keep Walking

Artist - Beth Myrick

Artist – Beth Myrick

I know that you’ve had a much different experience
than I did as a young man…
but I also know that starting over feeling pretty well.
It took me a long time to realize it,
but all of those decisions I made,
those times I started over,
the days I stayed on course…
they’re starting to add up.

I’m starting to see patterns of success
and mistakes to draw from.
The best thing about it
is that those experiences are unique to me.
They’ve been made by all the steps I took,
all the hiding places I found.
Don’t ever think that your path is the wrong one.
Wether you choose freeways or back-country trails…
just keep walking.


About Lee Stone -leest1-

The world is changing: Stand for Something. Soporte Para Algo. Independent Poet/Artist. Portland, OR ·
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