Ghost Dancers (Affinity Group) Updates & Agenda

Updates from last week:

Out of respect for the consensus model, we will be taking our “Thanksgiving” and “Hyatt” actions to the actions committee of Occupy Long Beach. From there, we hope to see them on the agenda at one of the General Assembly meetings this week.

We have had a couple more volunteers to keep contact with other Occupations, but have many more cities to cover. Let me know if you’re interested in facilitating communication with another Occupation.

Though we will still meet this Thursday, we will be moving our meetings to Sundays (starting 11/13/11) in order to accommodate the schedule of more volunteers. Meetings will still be held at 6:30pm, and at the Kress Market (443 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA).

Agenda for this week (Let me know if you have something to add to the agenda):

1.Discuss, edit, and make necessary changes to our Charter.
2.Updates from other Occupations
3.Logistical planning for the “Hyatt” action.
4.Propose new action (Dec. 3rd)
5.Open Discussion – Special Topic: Strengthening Occupy Long Beach Committees


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The world is changing: Stand for Something. Soporte Para Algo. Independent Poet/Artist. Portland, OR ·
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