Youth of the Nation

I saw a video of P.O.D. singing their “Youth of the Nation” song and couldn’t help but think that I am no longer part of that group. This poem was inspired from that moment. I hope, at least, that it inspires you to vote.

My father's branch of the Stone Family (1997)

We are, we are… the youth of the nation.
At least we were, until we voted Obama into the presidency.
Watched Tunisia and Egypt from our smart-phones on the Al-jazeera stream.
We’ve grown up. And that all awakening enlightenment you thought would mark adulthood… let this be that light bulb.
Wether your life’s goals are accomplished or not,
hopelessly lost or grinning like Garfield,
the youth in this nation now look up to you. Unlike Charles Barkley, we are role models.
Take a deep breath. Hold it in.
That is the world you’re tasting…. go and shape it.
The youth of this nation need us to.

— leest1 —


About Lee Stone -leest1-

The world is changing: Stand for Something. Soporte Para Algo. Independent Poet/Artist. Portland, OR ·
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