The NFL Lockout: Players vs. Owners

There seems to be a misconception among fans about the NFL lockout. The underlying sentiment is that the fans should come first… just play the games already. This is the very stance that the bad guys would like us to take.

Let’s start with a few facts. I’ll try not to bore you with numbers, but I have a few that are important. They are:

$1.2 Billion = The average value of an NFL team as of August, 2010 (

$725 million = The lowest valued team (Jacksonville), which is up from $460 million in ’00. (

3.3 years = The average length of an NFL career. (

$770,000 = The average NFL Salary in 2010 (USA Today)

55 years = The average life expectancy of an NFL player. The age is 52 for lineman.
(J. Korth, St. Petersburg Times)

77.9 years = The average life expectancy of a U.S. citizen. (


Numbers don’t lie. The owners play the franchise game for two reasons. First of which is the human impulse to compete. These are suit wearing business men who feel very tall when their teams win (many of whom are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s). It’s the same reason the players play the game, for the competition. The second reason that owners buy teams is for the return on investment. And they get theirs in multiple ways… brand management, stadium revenues (other than football), football operations, and appreciation of the asset. Most of them are Billionaires in other industries as well.

Football players, respective of any arguments for endorsement deals, have one way to generate income… playing football, and they have an average of 3.3 years to do it. The math adds up to an average career haul of $2.541 million. Which seems to be a small price to pay when your asking a young man to trade a 3.3 year football career for 22.9 years of their life. In return he gets $2.541 million. So the question is: who would you rather be in that trade?

I, for one, am on the player’s side.

— leest1 —


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One Response to The NFL Lockout: Players vs. Owners

  1. I would like to see similar statistics for the NBA. Considering the current state of the NBA lockout….that would be interesting.

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