Bahrain Calls For Help!

20 minutes ago, I was listening to Dr. Hassan of the Salmaniya Hospital in Manama, Bahrain on Al Jazeera’s live english feed. He sounded distraught. Saying that the casualties he is seeing are “uncountable” and that the hospital is full. They cannot take in any more patients. Dr. Hassan also called the situation in the streets a “warzone,” explaining that the demonstrators are unarmed and peacefull. The footage behind the doctor’s voice was from poor quality cell phone footage. It showed pools of blood in the streets of Bahrain, surrounded by the feet of passing protesters. The doctor was frantically asking neighboring nations, the U.N., president Obama, and the world in general to help him and his people.

My thoughts went immediately to an article I read this morning by Mark Levine (Here we go again: Egypt to Bahrain). It mentions that Bahrain “is home to the Fifth Fleet, one of the US military’s most important naval armadas, crucial to protecting Persian Gulf shipping and projecting US power against Iran.”

I do not claim to be a military strategist. But if one of our biggest naval fleets is stationed in this country, isn’t it in our best interest as Americans to help protect the people? We could probably offer medical help without much logistical planning. We could have some of our high ranking naval officials call the government leaders of Bahrain… maybe we could ask them to stop shooting and gassing the people that they should be representing.

At the very least… you and I can write our representatives. Let them know that we care about the freedom and democracy of the Middle East and Northern Africa, Libya, Algeria, and Yemen. Everyone deserves the rights that we afford ourselves.

— leest1 —


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