The Reggie Bush Story… with 2 Cents from Charles Barkley

The Reggie Bush story is a hot topic right now. For all the wrong reasons, his history at USC has been wiped from the record books. His Heisman Trophy has been returned to some rich white guys in New York. His reputation is tarnished… and he is not the bad guy. Reggie Bush is the good guy. A young man who followed dreams, eluded tackles, and cashed in on his very hard work.

Let me nutshell the Reggie Bush story for you, in 5 easy to follow steps:

1. Reggie runs real fast and scores some touchdowns at USC

2. Reggie’s stepfather (with or without Reggie’s knowlwdge?) pitched the idea of a start up sports agency to some people who had money.

3. Those people gave Reggie’s stepfather money. In return Reggie was supposed to be the new sports agency’s star client.

4. Reggie runs for more yards, wins the Heisman, signs with a real sports agency, gets drafted #2 overall, and plays running back for the Saints.

5. The people with money, who gave it to Reggie’s stepfather in step 3, tried to sue the Bush family… and the media runs with it.

This is really how it happened. For more info., Yahoo sports has been one of the leaders on the “investigation.” You can find the long version of the story, told through it’s cast members:

Truth is sometimes not as fun as drummed up controversy. The truth in this story is that people, including Reggie Bush’s stepfather… but mostly rich white guys, decided to get greedy. Reggie may or may not have known. I tend to be an advocate for the athletes in this situation… had this to say:

The 2005 Rose Bowl had a total payout of more than $30 million which directly benefits all the universities within the Big Ten and Pac-10 conferences. Each school receives more than one million dollars each year regardless of whether they play in the Rose Bowl.”

Reggie Bush’s family is being sued for about $100,000. The numbers don’t lie… neither does Charles Barkley. Read about his thoughts on NCAA athletes taking money here:

Charles Barkley admits he received money from agents at Auburn – The Dagger – NCAAB  – Yahoo! Sports.

My thoughts are that the impoverished young men and women who carry college athletics on their shoulders are not the problem. The universities, the agents, the bowl committees, and the privileged fans sitting down in front row seats are the problem. I am okay with Reggie giving his Heisman back to those problems. To his credit… he is better than they are.

—– Lee St1 —–


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