2010 Fantasy Football Preview – Top 10, Sleepers, Busts (QB’s)

If you are an Fantasy vet, the list starts under the dotted line below. If you need help with you’re entire draft strategy… just keep reading.

In the fantasy football world, survival often depends on Running Backs. Which means that two of your top three draft picks should be RB’s, leaving you with three options at the QB position:

1. Draft one of the top 4 QB’s (see list below) with one of your first 2 picks.

*Your QB is important, often the top point scorer for a fantasy team. They are not as important to draft as RB’s or WR’s because there is only one QB in your lineup each week. If you are new to Fantasy Football, go with this option. It will be much easier to play Peyton Manning or Drew Brees every week than it will be to choose between whichever second tier QB’s you end up with*

2. Draft one/two of the next QB’s (5-10 on list below) between rounds 5 and 10.

3. Skip drafting a QB until the late rounds. Pick a few of the sleepers hoping that one of them will emerge as a Fantasy stud.


2010 Top 10 Fantasy Football QB’s

1. Drew Brees (Saints): Consistent top-level fantasy producer. He will be an anchor for many championship fantasy teams again this year. You will probably need to draft him with your first round pick.

2. Peyton Manning (Colts)/Tom Brady (Patriots): Both are former MVP’s with world class athletes to throw to. Both of them should improve from last year’s stats. Manning dealt with key injuries to his receiving core. Brady played most of the season with a scout team backfield behind him. They should both be available in the second round. Brady might even last until the early third.

4. Aaron Rodgers (Packers): Top scorer in The Stone Family Rivalry league last season, which used the popular standard format from the four letter network. He is probably a late 1st/early 2nd rounder. I think he will have trouble producing at the same level this year. Brian Urlacher (injury) and Julius Peppers (free-agent) will help improve the Bears defense; add Kyle Vanden Bosch & Ndamukong Suh to the Lions defense and you have 4 games that won’t be as easy this year. I rank him fourth because of his high draft position and predicted production dip. He could be the highest scoring player in Fantasy again this year. Do not be afraid to use a first round pick on Aaron Rodgers. Personally, I just need the kid to prove it to me one more time.

*This is the beginning of the next tier of QB’s. You can draft 2 RB’s and at least 1 WR before selecting from the next group of QB’s. I view them as a group, knowing that one or two of them will still be available in round 10. If you like one them in particular, you need to move him up on your board. If you are going to use this strategy. Pair your starter with another QB from this list or the sleeper list.*

5. Matt Schaub (Texans): Has put up huge numbers since being given the chance to start in Houston. Schaub has a super-human receiver (Andre Johnson). He will put up good numbers but is injury prone, so you need to secure a good backup if you take him.

6. Tony Romo (Cowboys): It might be jealousy, because he dated Daisy Duke, but I have never been a big Tony Romo fan. Though he works inside of a high powered offense, I believe his receivers are over-rated. Having said that, If you like him… draft him. Target rounds 5-7.

7. Phillip Rivers (Chargers): His top receiver is suspended and holding out. His left tackle is holding out. His running back is being replaced by a rookie. He still has a hall-of-fame tight end (Antonio Gates) and a coach named Norv Turner though, who eats defenses for midnight snacks.

8. Brett Favre (Vikings): Newsbreak! This just in… Brett Favre is going to play football this year. He has a dynamic group of receivers and backs at his disposal. Unlike Romo, I have always liked Favre. Target rounds 6-8, and pair him with someone from the sleeper list at the end of your draft.

9. Donovan McNabb (Redskins): New team, same story. Often overlooked on draft day, and usually good for a couple stinkers per year. He has made a fantasy career of outperforming his draft position. Despite missing 3 games last year, he totaled the 11th most points among fantasy QB’s. Probably available in the 10th round.

10. Kevin Kolb (Eagles): Replaces McNabb in Andy Reid’s pass happy system. Played almost all of 3 full games last year (Mcnabb injury), playing well enough to convince coaches and front office people that it was safe to trade the Eagles long time starter. He has young weapons who make big plays on the outside in Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, a reliable tight end in Brent Celek. If you are still not convinced, compare Kolb’s, first few years in the league to Aaron Rodger’s… similar story line. Kolb could be a 10th round steal.

11. This is for the people who have decided to wait until the last minute to draft a QB. A wise strategy if you can fill your roster with talent, and pick a respectable starter or two in the late rounds of the draft:
Joe Flacco (Ravens)
Carson Palmer (Bengals)
Vince Young (Titans)
Alex Smith (49ers)
Matt Ryan (Falcons)
Jason Campbell (Raiders)
Matt Leinart/Derek Anderson (Cardinals)
Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks)

12. This is the Wammy list. At all cost, please avoid these players… unless you are in one of my leagues:
Jay Cutler (Bears)
Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)
Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow (Broncos)
Mark Sanchez (Jets)
Mathew Stafford (Lions)
Sam Bradford (Rams)

The most important rule to follow is to draft people that you are familiar with and/or a fan of. It will make your team more personable, and the season more enjoyable.

—– Lee St1 —–


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