Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley 4.18.10

Charles Barkley did an interview a couple of weeks ago on ESPN and was asked about Tiger Woods. His answer was honest and straight forward, something I have always respected him for. I remember Sir Charles telling me in the mid 1990’s that he was not a role model… “parents should be role models.” He reiterated that point in his recent interview.

The round mound of rebound, from Auburn University, said that Tiger Woods does not owe anything to the sport of golf, or to his fans. Barkley made his point by implying, if not blatantly stating, that white, corporate America does not tell their children to be like Tiger Woods.

In the following two sentences, I will read between the lines of Barkley’s interview: Maybe Charles is trying to say that Tiger Woods is just a pawn in a corporate scheme to make white people rich. Tiger should take his money, live his life, and let all these money-grubbers go to a not so nice place.

Now, I may be mis-read-between-the-lining, but I think I have the sentiment of Barkley’s comments down. He is right about it too. Middle and upper class white American families want their children to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, and good fathers. These people do not want their children to break molds.

The numbers are as straight forward as Sir Charles is. The guy who won the most money playing on the PGA tour in 1996 (1 year pre-Tiger) made $1.8. million and there were a total of only 9 golfers who made over a million. In 2006, (10 years with Tiger) there were 93 golfers who reached the million dollar prize money mark. Total prize money has increased by almost 300% in that time.

Tiger has given to golf and to the fans. Shut up, and leave the man alone.


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  1. s. stone says:

    well said

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